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11th-Mar-2006 03:13 pm - Two of Kind
Well In my last post I updated that I've met the guy that I had my first guy experience with online. I didn't tell him it was me. I pretty much told him I was a completely different pereson so he wouldn't find out that it was actually me. So yea I only talked to him that day, which I think was monday. Like last time when we talked about hooking up he was really desperate to meet and shit. It was annoying, I'm pretty much finding him annoying since I'm not new to his way a "speech" online. He just seems impatient and it bothers me cuz I gotta think and plan everything so I can be discreet. I wont be hooking up with him though. Didnt like it the first time and I wont the second time. Oh and for future refrence we'll call him Alex.

Good new is that I've meet TWO other guys online. They both live near me, I'm really excited sine I can drive now and they only live couple minutes away. To one of the guys I lied to him where I was located only to protect myself from getting caught from a different lie (funny how that works). I told him I was from Naples because I sorta had a feeling it was Alex. I wasn't Alex but I just wanted to make sure at first. This guy seemed really cool and I would like to meet him. Hes 18 and hes pretty new to this even though hes been with a guy more then I have, which I only have been once with Alex. So this guy, i'll call him Jason, seems really nice and I would love to meet him. He lives maybe 20-30 mins away from me. Pretty cool and I hope we could meet and have some fun. I'm so excited that finally I found someone near me. After 1 year without doing anything with a guy and finally finding TWO other guys. Well the next guy hes 16 and he lives a little farther then Jake. Hes probably like 40 mins away from me but hey thats why I drive. So we talked and really go to know each other. I like him the best out of him and Alex. The thought that he lives a little bit farther away bothers me because I dont know if I can drive there without getting lost cuz Florida is pretty big and most of the places look the same. Well this guy, his name will be Kevin, has been with a guy six or seven times. He said he could teach me some stuff, pretty cool I guess. He told me about two of his different experience. Yea I got to know Kevin a little bit better and I didnt lie to him where I was at. At first I did but then I told him. Ill tell Jason too next time I talk to him but since I also gave him Alex's screen name I dont want him telling Alex about me. I pretty much want to isolate myself from him. I feel mean but I just dont like that kid. So my two new guys that I will hopefully meet, Jason and Kevin. Man I can smell the CUM!!!
5th-Mar-2006 06:49 pm(no subject)
Man I'm having some fun lol. I just got in touch with this guy in the same area as me. Hes also 16 and I have a feeling I've meet him before. He doesnt want to show me his pic and I certainly wont show him mine until I know who he is. I think its the same guy Im think about and he does have the same name but who knows. I really dont want to hook up with this guy. I probably wont and thats pretty much it on that subject.

Im bored. Haven't update and I will soon add some new pics. Im excited now that I drive and shit. It feels weird on my own in my car. Anyway I hope to meet some other guys that I would want to hook up with. Later for tonight.
16th-Feb-2006 04:09 pm(no subject)
I haven't been on in a while. Just been looking at porn and jacking off when I can and if i'm really horny.
I'm going to start taking more pictures. Haven't taken any new pictures lately.

New news: I got my license exactly 2 weeks ago. Yes I got a car a white Honda Civic...hand-me down car. Hopefully with this car it will help me on my quest to find some sexy cocks. My grandparents are over visiting and it will be hard to do anything naughty with them around since they dont go out much. My cousin also moved in with us but she works alot so shes usually not home.
I've been feeling pain around my groin. Feels like I got kicked in balls...mostly my right nut. Maybe I should go to the doctors. I think thats pretty much it. Pics soon.

I'm really horny...
11th-Feb-2006 08:35 pm - HOLY COW

im about to cum and just wanna cum all overs some hot guys face and then lick it off their lips
oh man i want some nice nuts in my face.
14th-Jan-2006 12:42 pm - Burr
Its really cold today. Its super windy and cold. Just got dropped off and I'm home alone with my web cam. Haven't been online in a while since I cant use my computer on weekdays.

Pretty horny. I got a boner but my sack is tight since its kind of cold.
8th-Jan-2006 05:44 pm - Bored
Man Im bored. I have nothing to do. Didn't do anything this weekend. Still no cock. Soon to get my drivers license maybe that will be easier for me to search for cock. Right now laying down with a white t shirt and my yankee boxers. The elastic part is under my balls and letting my dick breath and to say hello. Fucking horny. Yesterday while I was home alone I got on my cam and started to jack off. It was hot seeing my self jack off. Then I started to cam with this other guy. His dick was fucking hot and man using a cam with someone else is even better then porn in my opinion. Because its real and its live right there. It was fun and hope to do it again soon.
I hate the feeling of having to go back to school. Its been a week since we got back from Christmas vacation and I still dont feel like going to school. School blows and since today is Sunday I got the feeling of having to go to school tomorrow. I got to write a 8-10 report of American History and its due Jan. 27 th and its fucking gay. Haven't even started it and I need to install Microsoft Word onto my computer since my cousin deleted it. I think im getting stressed with this paper and everytime I think of doing it I dont do it cuz it worries me soo much that I wont get it done. Which is weird.
3rd-Jan-2006 03:08 pm(no subject)
Super horny right now and jacking off. Wish I had someone between my legs working me out.
28th-Dec-2005 04:30 pm - Cam
Well Im jacking off right now. Really horny and home alone. I LOVE jacking off completely naked while on my bed. Yesterday I tried to cam with 22 yr old in Michigan but AIM sucks and niether of our cams were working. I'm super horny and want so cock and wish I could get my dick sucked right now. I hated when i'm home alone and get find and cock to come over for some fun.
I got family coming over from New York to spend time over here in Florida for new years. I deleted almost all my porn and self nude pics. I hate having to take pics again. Sucks but some of those other pics were kind of old. Now I can get some new ones. Hopefully better and less boring. Talking on aim to this kid that gets his license real soon and wants to meet me. He lives in Miami and its three and half hours away from Cape Coral so I dont know if he can actually make it since hes only 16 and he will probably be coming by himself. Hopefully we can meet and have some great fun. Cant wait to see what happens.
26th-Dec-2005 04:40 pm - Christmas/ Horny
Man I had such a great Christmas. Hoepfully everyone else did. Would have been ever better if I would have gotten some older 20-25 yr old cock :D. Man I want an older guy to fuck me and act like if I was his little brother and he could play with me. Makes me so horny.
Well I got an apple Ipod nano for Christmas...just some random shit to say.
Dont have anything else to really say, on the look out for cock around my area because I'm really horny. Well later guys.
18th-Dec-2005 11:51 am - Early Jack Off
Early morning right now. I'm home alone and horny. Woke up a couple minutes ago and I'm sore from friday's weight lifting/ Going to miss that class for all the hot guys in the locker room getting changed. I'm off on Christmas Vacation. I think i'm going to switch into weight lifting again next semester. I want to see more of those hot guys.
So its around 11 soon to be noon. I'm jacking off I'm really horny. I'm beating it really fast and really hard. Got precum on the tip of my head. I'm fully naked and love the smoothness of my body. Just laying down on my bed jacking my hard throbbing cock and my pounding balls. Love touching myself all over when i jack off. Gripping onto the flesh on my chest and rubbing my dick head on my thiegh. Slowly start jacking off again after I'm done rubbing it. I spread my legs far apart and imagine getting fucked up my ass by a big hairy hunk. Jacking off with one hand and the other hand behind my hed and licking my arm pit. Slowly stop jacking my pulsing cock because I can feel my climax is near. I can feel the cum rising trying to reach the exit at my dick head. I slowly jack off and wait till I cum all over my self and rub it all out on my stomach and chest. Thats my early jack off and I'll probably keep jacking off until I get tired.
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